Chorrillos Fish Market

chorrillos fish market

Chorrillos Fish Market

arrow-icon  About: A small scale but bustling fish market that attracts seabirds. A place for close up views and photography of birds, skiff rides and, and tasting seafood.

arrow-icon  Address: Circuito de Playas Distrito de Chorrillos 15063. Coordinates: Lat: -12.16664, Lon: -77.02837. View on the map below.

arrow-icon  Hours and Fees: The Fish Market Closes at 6:00 PM. There is a small fee to access the pier.

arrow-icon  Biodiversity: 50 (?).

arrow-icon  Photography: Pelicans, terns, and gulls in various plumages can be photographed at a very close range. Birds are habituated to people. Inca Terns are a draw to visitors and photographers. 

arrow-icon  Policies: This place is ran by a fishermen association. Other than commons sense there are no restrictive policies that apply to visitors.

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Fish Market and Environs Fishing Pier Parking Lot

What Can I See?


These are the most characteristic birds at the Chorrillos Fish Market. The photo gallery includes conspicuous, often more common, and those considered a specialty bird of a list of approximately 50 species that have been recorded at this site. Birds included in the photo gallery give an idea of the species with the highest chances of being seen and photographed on a visit to the Chorrillos Fish Market.

The caption for each photo contains the Species Name, Measurements, Abundance, and Habitat Type where the species is more frequently seen.

  See or print the eBird checklist for this site.

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South American Sea Lions are seen at the harbor only occasionally.  Dolphins are also seen from a distance on rare occasions.


Fish Market and Associated Structures

The birds at the Chorrillos Fish Market sit on the roof, fences, buildings, utility posts, on the ground, and any other structures available. These structures resemble the rocky outcrops they normally perch on natural conditions. Birds sit on the skiffs and on any other perch that allows them a clear view of the area of the market where fishermen transport, clean up, and dispose of seafood and fish guts.

birds of the chorrillos fish market

Wrack Line

The wrack line is the line of debris left on the beach by high tide. The wrack is usually made up of eelgrass, kelp, crustacean shells, feathers, bits of plastic, and all kinds of litter. The wrack line on the beach adjacent to the fish marked attracts flocks of several species of gulls,  terns,  and Peruvian Pelicans in various plumages. These flocks offer an opportunity to study gulls’  plumages and seasonality.  Birds here can be photographed in a more natural background than the birds perched on buildings and other structures around the fish market.

birding chorrillos fish market


The busy pier is little used by birds for perching. Fishermen and visitors are walking back and forth and some visitors fish from the pier itself. The pier is a good observation point for Neotropic, Guanay, and occasionally Red-legged Cormorants. The pier is also a good point to observe terns and gulls sitting on the skiffs.

bird watching chorrillos fish market

Sandy Shore

Sandy shores, or beaches, are coastal shorelines where sand accumulates. Sandy shores are full of life and constitute a foraging, resting, and nesting habitats for many residents and migratory (October-March) species of birds. Birds likely to be seen on the sandy beach next to the Fish Market include Ruddy Turnstones, Snowy Egrets, Gulls. The Gray Gull is rare here.

sandy shore Chorrillos fish market

Site Photos

  1. View of the entrance to the Chorrillos Fish Market. The parking lot is crowded during the summer months of December through March.
  2. Restaurant onsite offering a variety of fresh seafood dishes.
  3. Inca Tern perched on a utility pipe inside the Chorrillos Fish Market.
  4. Fish offered for sale inside the market. If you are into seeing a diverse array of fish, this is the place to go.
chorrillos fish market

Map of Chorrillos Fish Market

Explore the layers on the map by click on the upper left corner (Show text on hovering) or icons on the map.

Visit the Chorrillos Fish Market

The Chorrillos Fish Market is a bustling place that includes a small scale fish market and seafood restaurants. The fish market is run by a fishermen association that oversights fishermen’s fishing schedules. There are a number of skiff floating in the harbor. On a normal day, some skiffs are leaving out to fish in deeper waters and others are returning with the catch of the day. Most of the catch is sold at the small market. The restaurants offer ceviche and other types of seafood. Birds congregate around the fish market attracted by the possibility of an easy meal.


The Chorrillos Fis Market is composed of a parking lot, a broad sidewalk that leads to the pier, a fishing and mooring pier, a small fish market, and an adjacent sandy beach. Visitors can observe and photograph seabirds, and then visit the local restaurants.

Plan your Trip

The Chorrillos Fish Market can be visited in approximately one to one and a half hours if you see the place and leave. It will take longer if you include other activities on your visit. Birders will spend more time sorting through the flocks of terns and gulls in various plumages. Photographers may spend their time finding birds with the right background as many birds will have utility wires, market, and fishing related activities as background.

The best time to visit

The fish market and fishermen are active throughout the year, and so are the birds. However, there is a big difference in the crowds present between the winter and summer seasons. The nearby beaches attract lots of people during the summer months of January through March. During these months birds sit on the skiffs in the harbor as the sandy beaches are taken over by beachgoers. Crowds are thin during the rest of the year and birds are more likely to loaf on the sandy beaches. The months between December through April may be warmer with brighter sunlight while the rest of the year can be cold and drizzly.

How to get there

There is no public transportation to the beaches. The best way to get there is to take a taxi back and forth. An alternative way is using the pathway and stairs from “Puente de Los Suspiros” in the district of Barranco. Walk down to the beaches and then walk south (to the left) to the fish market. There is another pathway to an from Chorrillos across from the fish market.

What to do There

Walk throughout the market looking for birds and those that offer a good photo opportunity. Birds are everywhere. Some Inca Terns perch inside the market and on vehicles outside. Explore the pier and the sandy beach to the right. Fishermen offer short skiff rides, but you can arrange and charter a motorized skiff for a longer trip further out to the ocean. Some visitors go to the adjacent restaurants for ceviche or another seafood dish.

Where to look for birds

  • Sandy Beach Right Outside the Market. Here is where fishermen unload their catch and where birds wait for the right time to snatch a fish from the crates. Here, is also where leftovers from the fish cleaning station are disposed of and birds congregate for an easy meal. The Surf Cinclodes has been observed on the boulders outside the market.
  • Sandy Beach and Wrack Line Adjacent to the Market. During the non-summer months, Gray-hooded, Belcher’s, and Kelp Gulls in various plumages loaf here. These flocks allow for a study of plumage variation and photography.
  • Pier. Is a good point to observe flocks of Royal and Sandwich terns sitting on the skiffs at the harbor. The tip of the pier good point to observe distant Peruvian Boobies and an occasional Red-legged Cormorant swimming nearby.

Where to look for Mammals

This place is not a good place to see mammals. Occasionally, one or two South American Sea Lions can be seen from the Pier.

What to wear and bring

Comfortable shoes and clothing according to the prevailing weather conditions.


There are mixed opinions regarding security at the Chorrillos Fish Market. Some affirm that is not secure for those carrying expensive camera equipment as it could be snatched-and-run by thieves. Others claim that this place is safe and problems like this are not frequently recorded here.

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