When to Expect Hummingbirds in Eastern North America?

photo: Francesco Veronesi/Flickr/CC by 2.0 In this article, I propose an approximate date to start feeding hummingbirds in Eastern North America, based on arrival in the Spring and departure in the Fall. The time of arrival and departure varies between males, females, and young hummingbirds. The variation in arrival time and departure is factored in […]

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tube bird feeders beginners
Backyard Birds

Tube Bird Feeders for Beginners

Installing a bird feeder can transform your backyard. For those new to bird feeding, tube bird feeders are a good choice due to their simplicity and versatility. This article, “Tube Bird Feeders for Beginners,” covers the essentials of tube bird feeders, explaining their design, functionality, and the types of birds they attract. It also provides