Harpy Eagle

Harpia harpyja

The Harpy Eagle is the largest and perhaps the best-known large predator of Neotropical Rainforests. Harpy Eagles prefer large expanses of the mature and undisturbed forest that support medium-sized monkeys, sloths, and other similar-sized mammals. Generally quiet and inconspicuous, the Harpy Eagle spends most of its life in the rainforest canopy where is constantly on the lookout for unassuming prey to ambush. This eagle’s broad and round wings, large size, thick legs, and strong claws enable it to maneuver in dense forest conditions, catch, subdue, and kill its prey without much struggle. Unfortunately, its physical appearance and reputation create the wrong impression among local people who often regard the Harpy Eagle as a threat to their children and livestock. The Harpy Eagle population is declining mainly due to habitat loss and persecution by humans.


Appearance & Habitat