turkey vulture smell adaptaions

All About the Turkey Vulture’s Sense of Smell

In this article, I examine the turkey vulture’s sense of smell. An overview of morphological and physiological traits is presented first, followed by an analysis of the results of field experiments. The article addresses some pressing questions about the turkey vulture’s olfactory skills. Can turkey vultures smell their prey or food? Turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) …

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turkey vulture in flight

Turkey Vulture Identification

The identification of Turkey vultures is relatively straightforward. Turkey vultures look black from a distance, but upon closer examination, they have black and blackish-brown plumage. This article discusses and illustrates the recognition of turkey vultures in flight, perched, their typical behavior, preferred habitat, and range. Scientific Name: Cathartes aura. The turkey vulture looks black from …

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wood stork range

Wood Stork Range & Migration 

Adults and juvenile wood storks migrate short to medium distances within its range. Movements of this kind monitor the availability of food. This article discusses several aspects of the wood stork’s movements. Do wood storks migrate? The wood stork is not a migratory species in the strict sense of the word. However, they perform regional …

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wood stork identification in flight

Wood Stork Identification

It is relatively easy to identify wood storks, but they can be confused with white-plumaged herons and egrets with which the wood stork frequently associates. In this article you will learn how to identify a wood stork standing and in the air.  Wood stork identification When identifying wood storks, it’s important to look at their …

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wood storks raising chicks

Wood Stork Nesting Habits 

The breeding biology of wood storks is fluid. Mated pairs last only a breeding season and minor changes in the regional rain patterns can make or break the breeding outcome. This article looks at some aspects of the wood stork’s nesting habits. In what months does the wood stork breed? In North America, the wood …

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