egg and hatchling andean condor

Andean Condor: Nesting Habits

Andean Condor | Habitat & Range | Feeding | Breeding | Conservation | Facts Despite its size and symbology, the Andean condor’s nesting habits are poorly known. Andean condors are secretive nesters and place their nests in inaccessible cliffs. Most aspects of its breeding biology come from birds kept in zoos. In this article, I …

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turkey vulture on carcass

What do turkey vultures eat?

Knowing what the turkey vulture eats is one of the most intriguing things about this bird. The fact that they eat dead animals is no secret, but few know when and where they look for carcasses, as well as the kind of carrion they prefer to eat. Read on if learning about the turkey vulture’s …

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turkey vulture in flight

Turkey Vulture Identification

The identification of Turkey vultures is relatively straightforward. Turkey vultures look black from a distance, but upon closer examination, they have black and blackish-brown plumage. This article discusses and illustrates the recognition of turkey vultures in flight, perched, their typical behavior, preferred habitat, and range. Adult turkey vultures look all black from a distance Their …

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