nest of birds

Nests of Birds

Nests of the Chestnut-collared Swallow (Petrochelidon rufocollaris) made of mud mixed with plant matter. The Nest of Birds Definition: A bird nest is a place and structure where birds lay their eggs, incubate them, and rear the nestlings. Nest can be built and attended by a pair or multiple individuals working together in a cooperative …

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nest parasitism in birds

Brood Parasitism in Birds

Nest of a flycatcher showing the pale eggs of the host species and the green dotted egg of a parasitic cowbird of the genus Molothrus. Photo: Galawebdesign/Wikipedia. Brood Parasitism in Birds Definition: Brood Parasitism in birds is defined as the interaction in which a bird species (parasitic)¬† places its eggs in a host species’ nest …

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Bird Reproduction

Bird Reproduction Definition: Bird reproduction is a key process, which allows birds to create new individuals, transmit their genes, and perpetuate the species. Bird reproduction differs from other types of animals in various aspects, ranging from anatomical (absence of external genital organs in most males, operation of a single ovary in females, which is usually …

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Bird Habitat

Montane forest shows multiple bird habitats such as streams, understory, moss and bromeliad laden limbs, and forest canopy. Bird Habitat is the area with ecological and environmental characteristics where a species has adapted to find essential elements such as food, water, shelter, and mates for reproduction. Are birds restricted to specific habitats? Birds can fly …

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How to Identify Birds

  Being able to identify the birds you see in the field not only increases the value of an outdoor experience but can also help conserve birds and their habitats. If you are interested in getting to know the birds you see and reporting your records to databases used by scientists and conservationists, these simple …

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macaw clay lick

Macaw, Parrot and Parakeet may visit clay licks for more than a single reason

Red and Green Macaws (Ara chloropterus) on a clay lick in Southeast Peru. Photo Credit: Fernando Angulo. Macaws, parrots, and parakeets that visit the clay licks in Southeast Peru are thought to eat clay to help them neutralize toxins consumed in their daily diets. Other macaws, parrots, and parakeets outside this region, and in other …

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