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A Blue Bird with a Red or Orange Chest?

What’s the blue bird with a red-orange-brown chest? This is a query often posted online. To figure out the possible bird’s identity, this article reviews birds with plumages that include blue with red, orange, or brown chests. These birds’ range, favorite habitat, and behavior are compared to suggest the most likely response to the query.   […]

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Bird Identification

Eastern Bluebird vs Western Bluebird vs Mountain Bluebird

This article compares the range and characteristics of the Eastern, Western, and Mountain Bluebirds. The purpose of this comparison is to help determine the type of bluebird that occurs in state of region you live. If you ask yourself, which of the three North American bluebirds occur in your state, this article is for you.

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Get Outside

9 Snakes that Eat Eggs & Baby Birds and How to Stop Them

Photo: Bonnie Ott/Flickr/CC by 2.0 The mysterious disappearance of the eggs, baby birds, and even an adult from an active bird nest is relatively common. Studies of nesting birds found that predation by snakes is the leading cause of nest failure, and only half of all bird nests are successful. This article reviews the interactions

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do eastern bluebirds really mare for life

Most Eastern Bluebirds Mate for life, But there is More to It

Eastern Bluebird | Mating | Nest & Eggs | Parental Care | Fledging | Growth | Sex of Fledglings In this article, I explore whether Eastern Bluebirds mate for life. Bluebirds are known for their colors and soft songs, but their love lives hold some intriguing secrets. It turns out that most bluebirds mate for

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