bird watching smoky mountains national park
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40 Birds You Can See in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Planning on going on a trip to the Smoky Mountains National Park? Here are 40 bird species you will most likely see during your visit. They are the most frequently reported by bird enthusiasts visiting the park. The 40  birds listed here are not difficult to find and observe as they are generally large, fairly […]

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American mink
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Wildlife of Acadia National Park (Mammals)

Due to its location, Acadia National Park harbors wildlife found only in northern latitudes, mostly in Canadian boreal ecosystems. Martens, Fishers, American River Otters and Moose are found only in a few states within the continental United States and are found within the park. Mammals, in general, are difficult to spot. The trails of Cadillac

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black guillemot acadia national park
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Birds of Acadia National Park (with sounds)

The Birds of Acadia National Park are divided into 4 size groups, from the largest #1 to the smallest #40. Based on the bird’s size you want to identify, scroll down the list or click-jump to one of the 4 size groups to find it. If not there, return to the top and try another

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american flamingo_Everglades National Park
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40 Birds To See In Everglades National Park

The birds of the Everglades National Park are divided into 4-size groups based on familiar birds such as a Crane, a Duck, a Pigeon, and a Sparrow. Using the approximate size of the bird you want to identify, scroll down the list or click to jump to one of the four size groups. If it

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